Sunday, March 11, 2007

Francois Tusques-Intercommunal Music

Here is the first post! I hope the link works. I don't know how to compress files either.
Here are the links:

Francois Tusques-p,g,saw,maracas; Sunny Murray-d; Louis Armfield-perc; Alan Silva-cel Beb Guerin-b Bob Reid-b Alan Shorter-tp; Steve Potts-as


SOTISE said...

this looks like a promising start
to compress files is very easy
you need to download for free the win rar archiver.
just goole it its everywhere.
ill check back leave a comment if your having difficulties ill walk you through it.
i also have a blog
featurin rare mostly freejazz and improv.
also when you upload its best to let people know what kind of file they will be downloading.

.... said...

yep FABULOUS first post man: I been lookin' for this LP for about 20 years since I heard it last.


thanking you,

Boromir said...

Nice post. I guess you're trying to work out how to put your tracks into a rar file and dipmong's offered to help. Hope it goes well.

SOTISE said...

hi again,
listen i believe you have uploaded the same 18 minute track twice
so track 2is actualy missing,check it out and perhaps re upload track 2 i had a lot of trouble saving track 2 to my music, rthe puter kept tellin me i already had the track so i renamed it.
unfortunately they are the same.
perhaps boromir and kk could confirm this.
im actualy one of those people who burns files to disc and exitedly listens to them immediatly.

.... said...

Well cats, Kennytone done the research & here are my findings:

The first track was in MP3 format, & the other 2 were in M4U format, wich I converted to MP3 in a, erm, Xilisoft OGG MP3 Converter... nice to have 'em all in the same format, dig?

anyway, track 2 is part 2 of Communal Music >>> timings follow:

01. Intercommunal Music 18:18
02. Intercommunal Music 12:36
03 .Portrait d'Erika Huggins 8:28

AND I GOTTA SAY THANKS AGAIN to our buddy Sunmyth, it's brilliant to have this skronk classic at last >> Kennytone is a big Alan Shorter fan & this is a very hard to find item in his small discography, innit.

Rec. Paris 5/11/1971, by the way


Anonymous said...


Is that 5th November or 11th May? Thank you.

centrifuge said...

glmlr - kk isn't about at the moment... but i know he's british... i'm taking that as a "bonfire night special" (not that it would have meant anything to m. tusques)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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pay per head said...

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Anonymous said...

KK, you are wrong, here are the correct track listing and times from -
Intercommunal Music (24:40)
Intercommunal Music 8:00
Les Forces Progressistes 10:10
Les Forces Réactionnaires 3:00
La Bourgeoisie Périra Noyée Dans Les Eaux Glacées Du Calcul Égoïste 3:30
Intercommunal Music! (6:00)
L'Impérialisme Est Un Tigre En Papier 6:00
Portrait D'Erika Huggins (8:04)
Untitled 0:44
Untitled 7:20

Anyway, the links are deleted :-(