Sunday, April 8, 2007

Globe Unity

Alexander Von Schlippenbach: Globe Unity

Manfred Schoof, cornet, fluegelhorn, triangle; Claude Deron, trumpet, lotus flute; Willi Lietzmann, tuba, maracas; Peter Brötzmann, alto saxophone, gurke; Gerd Dudeck, tenor saxophone, duck call; Kris Wanders, baritone saxophone, zorna, alto saxophone, lotus flute; Willem Breuker baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone, ratsche; Gunter Hampel, bass clarinet, flute, pandeira; Karlhanns Berger, vibraphone (Sun only); Buschi Niebergall, bass, sirene; Peter Kowald, bass, small bells; Jackie Liebezeit, drums, percussion; Mani Neumeier, drums, percussion; Alexander von Schlippenbach, conductor, piano, percussion.

Globe Unity (20:12) Sun (20:34)

I really liike this recording. It took me a while to track it down, also. A little post-Easter treat.
Zip format


SOTISE said...

a lot for this, great share

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Sunmyth!

centrifuge said...

hello sunmyth,

excuse me for arriving so late at you party (and i didn't even bring a bottle...), but this looks like a great start to your blog :) have you got lots more to put up as good as this?

there is so much of a buzz about this sort of music at the moment, i can't help feeling optimistic about the future DESPITE the perilous position(s) we are all in.

i've downloaded all three zips (making up for lost time) but the only one i can actually play is the fr. tusques - the others say they're mp3s, but none of my media software will play the files. can someone explain why not?!

gerireig said...

Globe Unity is always a welcome guest. Thanks!

1009 said...

centrifuge --

i had the same problem w/ the mp3 link. m4a works fine on my itunes (if you don't mind going that way.) also like you i had no problem w/ the tusques.

hideo said...

centrifuge, the mp3 files are actually m4a's (mp4s. AAC. waddafork) and very fine sounding ones too

relabel them as m4as and foobar will recognize them (whether your portable does is another matter %^)

Sunmyth said...

I think I am having problems archiving the files. I will try to find what is up and I will repost the files as soon as I can.

Sunmyth said...

The music was origionally m4a but I munually changed them to mp3 and posted both. The downloads worked on my computer, but I guess they don't work on others for some reason. I'll see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

What hideo said--relabel them as mp4's before extracting. They'll work then.

Good pick--

centrifuge said...

i'm not sure how to do that - and i don't know if i can now that i've unpacked the files..?

brent, i use itunes as a matter of course - i could only get it to recognise the tusques. the other two - nothing, it wouldn't import thr files at all. audacity let me import one, but read it as a nine-second wall of noise :(

sunmyth, if these can be replaced with "better" files i'll be a happy man - hope it doesn't cause you much trouble!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! This is what they really mean when they talk about a "blast from the past".

Anonymous said...

When read by, for example, winRAR, the extension is included in the name of the file (e.g., sun.mp3). If the material isn't yet unpacked, open up the zipped folder and change the name of the file from 'sun.mp3' to 'sun.mp4' (or another valid extension). Then extract the materials. This worked for me.

If the stuff is extracted... someone else will have to chime in for that.


Anonymous said...

thanks for a fantastic post sunmyth!

for convenience, "globe unity" converted to mp3@192 here:


centrifuge said...

een man, that's another one i owe you ;-) thanks very much...

... and thanks again to sunmyth for the rip. look at that line-up! (did jaki liebezeit play a lot of this sort of stuff?)

Anonymous said...

I love this record. I bought it for ~50c last year in an almost unplayable condition but have played it again and again anyway. Now I know what it really sounds like. Thank you!

.... said...

Aye aye jazzbos >> thanks first for another rewarding post..

yas, with regard to these m4a things, you can convert 'em to mp3 by using a thing called Xilisoft OGG MP3 Converter which I downloaded free, just google..

drag & drop, innit.

love X
King Kennytone

Anonymous said...


thanks for the rip. i m owning that lp, but unfortunately don t have a record player right now. great music this european approach to free jazz.


i think jaki liebezeit (as mani neumeier too) didnt play any free jazz after that time. i found some information here:

to all you free jazz lovers:

great, great music

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