Thursday, July 19, 2007


Don Cherry Quartet

Don Cherry: cnt
Brian Trentham: tbn
Cameron Brown: bs
Al Heath: d
Kwame Ojukwu: alto on "Elephantasy"

The Salad Of The Bad Young Man

Don Cherry - Terry Riley Group

Terry Riley: soprano sax on I & III, organ on II
Don Cherry: pocket trumpet, wood drum on II
Knud Bjørnøe: flute on I & II, drum on III
Jesper Zeuthen: soprano sax on I, tenor sax & tambourine on II, wooden flute on III
Poul Ehlers: bass on I & II, cello on III

1. untitled I
2. untitled II
3. untitled III

Don Cherry:cnt,p,voc,shells, prc;Erik Tenzier,Lars Taageby,Niels Riskjaer:tp;Erling Kroner,Kjeld Ipsen:tbn;Michael Hove:as;Knud Bjorn, Jesper Nihau, Jesper Thilo:ts;Flemming Madsen:bri s;Torben Munch:g;Kasper Winding,Bent Clausen,Claus Nordby:d;Bo Stief:b Thomas Clausen:kbd;Palle Mikkelborg:cnd

  1. Ying Yang
The Whole World Catalogue
Celestial Reflection


Anonymous said...

thanks for this - looking forward to ingesting the riley/cherry stuff!

Anonymous said...

Anyone happen to have the Don Cherry quartet from 1992 with Bob Stewart at North Sea jazz festival or anywhere else?

Sunmyth said...

Click bonus to download!

MF9988 said...

hey, I love both riley and cherry but it doesnt seem like this link works. I can trade you some music if you'd like. Do you have a account? I'm 99Foster88.



Sunmyth said...

I don't have an fm account but I'll get one :)