Monday, May 28, 2007

Don Cherry And The Musical Monsters Live At The Willisau Festival

Don Cherry: tpt,vcl; John Tchicai: sax; Irene Schweitzer:pno; Pierre Favre: dr; Leon Francioli:b
Sorry, I dont' have the track names. 1980
This is the real link (sorry about the old one, I spaced out a bit).



Sunmyth said...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

trumpetaaa says
hello sunmyth something seems to be wrong with the link adress to
this very interesting music
sorry to trouble you but i hope you can fix that thank you
& many many thanks (again) for all the wonderful music here

Boromir said...

I think these are the details of the recording:-

Willisau Festival


Don Cherry and the Musical Monsters

Don Cherry: tpt,vcl

John Tchicai: sax

Irene Schweitzer:pno

Pierre Favre: dr

Leon Francioli:b

Middle East

A Real Curstom


Transportation Of Noodles


Phrase Text


Length: 77:35

I look forward to hearing this once the link is sorted oput

Michael said...

Please be kind enough to post a correct link, gentlemen. This one does not work. Thank you.

Sunmyth said...

Here is the real link. I hope you're not too angry.
Thanks Boromir for the info.

Anonymous said...

Still need to go back to original page for the balance of the link. Not difficult, but confusing for some.

Anonymous said...

Boromir says 77:35 but the download is 59:10. Do you know what is missing?

Sunmyth said...

I don't know what is missing, but this is all I have. i think Boromir got the 77:35 from the Don Cherry Unissued recordings site. I would like to know what is missing also.

Anonymous said...

trumpetaaa says
yes now the link was ok
bigbig thanks

Boromir said...

Many thanks sunmyth. Let's not worry about the missing 18 minutes, but enjoy what there is.
The tracklist did indeed come from the Don Cherry unissued recordings site, which is run by enthusiasts so is not necesserily kosher. It does though list some real unissued gems - anybody got some of them ?

Michael said...

Thanks for sorting out the link!

Anonymous said...

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