Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Third World -Underground

Dollar Brand-p,voc/Don Cherry-tp,voc,perc/Carlos Ward-as,voc,perc


Jabulani-Easter Joy (Dollar Brand)
Waya-Wa-Egoli (South African Trad. Arr. by Dollar Brand)
Swazi (Dollar Brand)
Wayeah-Wayeah-O (Victor Ndilzwana arr. by Dollar Brand)

Don's Song (Don Cherry)
Cherry (Dollar Brand)


Sunmyth said...

A double treat for those sad about the fmps.

glmlr said...

A lovely surprise, Sunmyth! Thank you! Quite an obscurity, this fine record, unjustifiably.

Anonymous said...

lovely music many many thanks

acoustiss said...

Thankyou. I have been looking for this for several years. As far as I am aware it has not yet been released in CD, but is surely due for it.
I have a cassette of this that I made a long time ago and it is a beautiful album. A lovely pedestrian pace and some flawless trio playing. Thanks again.

marguerite said...


matt w said...

I just found this -- looks like great stuff! Heard half of this on Destination: Out, and really looking forward to the other half.

Anonymous said...

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